Brettell Lane Bathroom Refit

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Brettell Lane Bathroom Refit

27th May 2019 Bathrooms Refurbs Plumbing 0

Following on from the Brettell Lane Ensuite refit, the customer had their family bathroom fully refurbed too. Using the same fitted units and this time a bath instead of a shower tray.

The walls in the main bathroom were not too bad, all bar one that had to be re-boarded due to going back to brick. As the existing walls were painted, these had to be etched quite drastically and then primed using a BAL Bond SBR.

The bath was fitted and room fully tiled before any units were fitted. The back wall was reinforced with 18mm ply sections to take the fixing points of the wall cabs.

Finally, the bath frame was made after testing the bath and the face of this tiled also.

A new ceiling extractor fan and new shaving socket installed.