Dingle Road, Pedmore Bathroom Refurb

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Dingle Road, Pedmore Bathroom Refurb

15th July 2018 Bathrooms Refurbs Plumbing 0

This bathroom had a complete overhaul. The existing plaster, although only tiles half way and painted, was in a bad state so we took the decision to knock everything back to brick and reboard & skim the complete room.

During this process, we disconnected all electrics in the old airing cupboard and replace existing lights with 4 downlights and 1 fan light. The fan was put on a separate switch too allow them to have this on, even when the lights are not needed.

The shower area was extended to a big 1500 tray, allowed for by the removal of the airing cupboard partition wall.

A lovely free standing bath centre to the window with wall built in taps.

A lot of hard work and sweat dripped during this bathroom, especially with the weather during it’s period however it is always well worth it when you step back and the customer admires the great job.