Gas Boiler Installations

Heating & Plumbing since 1985.

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Sometimes, a boiler becomes BER (Beyond Economic Repair). This doesn’t mean we cannot get the parts due to them being obsolete. BER is because one or more parts we need to replace, out-way the current market value of your boiler. Lets say you have an 18 year old Worcester boiler; market value of around £150 – at a guesstimate in 2018/19. If that boiler requires a new fan and printed circuit board the cost of that repair is more than the current value of the boiler. Not only that, on the age of such boiler, what could go next if you did repair it?

Offering boiler installations in and around the Stourbridge area since 1985, M. A. Parkes offer free written quotations for our customers to read and compare in their own time. We detail our quotes so that you can get a fair, comparative quote.


We are Worcester Bosch Accredited & Ideal Max Accredited Installers.

We, as trusted installers are given the privilege in offering extended warranties on the above manufacturers products. Each year we are required to update our knowledge on the latest training courses for both boiler manufacturers to ensure we know how to fit, service and repair Worcester & Ideal boilers.


Worcester; offering up to 10 years manufacturers warranty.

Both parts and labour covered! We have worked with Worcester boilers for many, many years and their customer service and technical is second to none. No questions asked. As long as the service history is filled out each year, and it’s still within warranty, parts are replaced there and then. FOC!

Ideal; offering up to 12 years manufacturers warranty.

Being a MAX accredited installer allows us to offer a huge 10 & 12 years warranty on selected models. Ideal Logic MAX – 10 years and Ideal Vogue MAX – 12 years. Some may think this is overkill and may need something to get them by for a move or even in a rental property. We also offer the Ideal Logic + with a standard 7 year warranty.


For anywhere up to 12 years, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Each warranty is subject to buy furosemide 40 mg. We remind our customers 3 weeks prior to the servicing date, giving plenty of time to book it in. If, for any particular reason you do not wish for us to remind you, please let us know.


We fit the above boilers for 2 reasons.


Now, we know boiler installation costs aren’t cheaper than repairing, but are much more cost effective in the long run. If, you still wish to have your current boiler repaired. Head over to our buy furosemide tablets where we explain the benefits we can offer, such as financing boiler repairs.


Areas We Cover