Gas Boiler Repairs

Heating & Plumbing since 1985.

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Is your boiler struggling to fire or maybe its not firing at all? Is the pump struggling to circulate water around your heating system? It isn’t always time for a new boiler. Its easy to jump to the conclusion that you may need a new boiler however, we have access to thousands of spares for every boiler make and model through our trade accounts therefore can get you back up and running as quickly as the very next day!

With our honest and friendly approach, and a business built on recommendation since 1985 you can be left feeling at ease on the fact we will never up-sell something that is not needed nor necessary.

A boiler has a proving sequence, meaning each component must be sending the correct message back to the printed circuit board for the boiler to work correctly. Once there is a break in that sequence, the boiler will lock out for safety reasons. Once we determine the part that is no longer giving the correct voltage, resistance or simply isn’t moving anymore, it gives us an idea of cause and fix. However, this does mean we cannot test the full working operation of the boiler until this part has been replaced. Occasionally, further parts will be required once we can then test the full boiler sequence.

Example Breakdown

On an old Worcester 28i JNR (G.C  47 311 70) there is a water pressure switch. That pressure switch is to prove there is sufficient pressure in the boiler for it to operate correctly. If this switch does not prove, (the board is being told there is not enough pressure, even though the gauge shows there is), the boiler will not continue to ignition stage. We have two possible issues here. Either the pressure switch no longer picking up pressure, or the pressure gauge is stuck at 1bar even though there is 0bar of pressure. For arguments sake, the pressure switch is at fault and gets changed and the boiler now continues to ignition. The boiler fires, however loses its flame shortly after. Now pointing a fault to the flame rectification lead or flame detection electrode.

General boiler sequence of operation:
We repair a large range of boilers. Here are to list a few:
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