How to pick out your perfect bathroom.

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How to pick out your perfect bathroom.

5th July 2018 Plumbing 0

Your bathroom has a special standing in both your home and your heart. The place we escape to after a long day at work, a stressful dinner with the in-laws, or getting caught out in the cold and the rain, it’s the ultimate sanctum when you just want to close your eyes, slide down into a nice, hot bubble bath, and forget about your worries for a while. Oh, and not to mention washing the dirt off the kids legs after a football game in the winter!

It’s also one of the few rooms in your house that everyone is likely to see. Unlike your bedroom, which is especially for you, that means it needs to be suitably dressed to impress. So, how do you create a space that suits such a dual purpose? Here are a few easy tips to inspire you…

Picking out a colour scheme 

When it comes to picking a colour scheme, one of the most important things to remember is how greatly a particular palette can influence the mood and feel of a room. Light, bright colours like white, buttermilk yellow, and duck egg blue are ideal choices if you want a space that’s airy and serene, whereas red, terracotta, or even deep purple feature walls will create a cosier look. Imagine the emotions you want your aesthetic to conjure and then select a shade that suits. Of course, we’re talking paint here, NOT tiles. So this is also only relevant if you’re not fully tiling.

Picking out your tiles 

Almost all bathrooms will incorporate tiles in some way, shape, or form, so it’s important to choose these with care too. Either full tile, half tile or part tile in wet only areas; showers, basin splash backs etc. Firstly, you’ll want to search for a shade that suits your colour scheme, so if your walls are a soft yellow, black tiling is probably not a good choice. Once you’ve found something suitably complementary, have a think about textures. Smooth porcelain – especially in bright white – will create a simpler and more sterile aesthetic that can work well with contemporary styles, whereas stonework will often suit a more antiquated look.

Picking out your bathroom suite 

The trick to creating a beautiful bathroom is to make every stylistic choice with an overarching theme in mind. It’s entirely down to you whether this is old-fashioned vintage or sleek and simple, but irrespective of your individual preferences, do try to keep it consistent. A free-standing bath, for example, will work beautifully if you’re aiming for a cosy, antiquated effect, whereas a custom fitted suite that maximises your space can fit in fantastically with your contemporary styling.

Isn’t it time to start planning your perfect bathroom? We offer a full, design and installation service. We project manage everything start to finish so you don’t have to worry! 


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