Kinver Bathroom Update

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A recent project taken on in Kinver to update a bathroom. Using Utopia’s new range of wall hung units which can be viewed here:¬† and reclaimed tiles from the customers other bathroom. As it was an update as opposed to a full refurb (new bath, shower tray, screen etc), certain tiles were kept such as in the shower area and around the bath.

The boxing in the original photographs was removed and extended to complete the ledge. This also allowed a 1600 bath to be installed (previous was a 1700).

The original idea was to reverse the toilet and basin position, as the basin did not project as far as the toilet allowing easier access into the bath. However, due to solvent weld short bosses on the soil stack it could not be spun, nor was there room to cut into it. The only option would have been to renew it from downstairs but taking off boxing etc. The customer could, however live with the existing layout.

The floor was tiled with plank effect tiles using a half and half bond.

Walls tiled and matched up to existing walls.