Norton Wet Room

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The original room layout in this Norton bungalow was a fair sized bathroom with a cupboard toilet and hand basin separate. These were divided with a stud partition. The customer wanted a larger bathroom and to have a wet floor installed.

The existing soil stack vent had to be removed as this is where the shower screen would go, along with new toilet and basin positions. All soil pipe below floor was renewed (luckily a good couple foot below the floor) and a new stack position made in the corner of the room that vents into the loft.

As with any wet room installation, the floor tiles were marked and cut ready for a dry lay of the floor. This way we can make sure all cuts are correct around the waste beforehand. Once this is done, the tiles are taken up and the room tanked using waterproofing tape and liquid.

This customer went all out and we installed body jets and a large fixed head in the shower area.