Heating & Plumbing since 1985.

All general plumbing work such as the installation & repair of taps, showers, toilets, sinks, water tanks & cylinders.

Tap Repairs

Problematic taps can be a right pain in the arse. They can cause drips from hell and for those on a water meter can become expensive. Drips, leaks, corrosion, sheared tap heads & siezed taps. Whether the tap is on your kitchen sink, hand basin or bath tub we can help. If in the unfortunate event we cannot repair the tap, we can offer a free, no obligation and fixed price quotation to install a new one.

Leak Repairs

Leaks can occur anywhere. Whether it be on your central heating, under a sink or in the loft. Leaks or damaged pipes can cause a multitude of problems. Leaks in your central heating system will cause persistent drops in system pressure or hear the continuous filling of your expansion tank.

Leaks under floorboards are often only noticed when the ceiling below starts to discolour or worse yet, fall through. At this point we start to panic and call for a local plumber. We will arrive promptly & discuss numerous fixes. If you have a leak in Stourbridge, do not hesitate to get in touch!

It is always handy to know where your mains stop tap is in the event of an emergency! Nine times out of ten your stop tap is located under a kitchen sink. It is recommended you check this turns off fully on a regular basis.

Shower Installation & Repairs

There is nothing worse than when you come home from a long day at work and all you want to do is have a long, relaxing hot shower to find it isn’t working correctly.

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to enjoy your shower such as heating elements that are no longer working correctly in electric showers to mixer valves that no longer want to mix hot & cold water evenly.

Or, maybe, you just want a change? We can swap showers on a like for like basis or alternatively, we can alter pipework for a new shower install (which may also mean taking off tiles and patching up with spare tiles).

Toilet Installation & Repairs

There are many common occurrences when it comes to toilets. Not flushing fully or requires you to “pump” the handle or maybe it is taking longer than before to fill due to a blocked or clocked up filter?

Over the years, we have replaced and repaired many toilets & their problems, such as faulty flush valves (syphones), cracked cisterns, damaged float valves (ballvalves) and leaking inlet pipes. We carry a range of toilet spares on the van to ensure we have the best chance of repairing the issue there and then.

Thermal Imaging

Not only does our thermal imaging camera allow us to pick up issues in your central heating. It will also show up general plumbing problems too. Often used to show moisture on a ceiling below a shower or bath. Using hot water will show a rise in temperature on the ceiling plasterboard / plaster. This method can also be used on visible drainage as a blockage will stop the hot water from passing. Our thermal imaging camera can also show damp so leaks below concrete floors can be picked up by damp areas in or under floors.

Cold Water & Expansion Tanks

We have pulled our way through many loft hatches and crawled many beams to uncover the hidden expansion or cold water tank in the loft while becoming a contortionist to get into small spaces.

Unfortunately, as with many parts ballvalves don’t last forever, especially in the loft where temperatures are constantly changing. One of the most common problems in the loft is a leaking overflow coming from either the Cold Water Tank or Expansion Tank. This is caused by the ballvalve not shutting off and the water level going too high. If you have noticed the overflow pipe from your loft constantly dripping, get in touch and we’ll come take a look!

Appliance Installations

We aren’t always going out to ‘fix’ something. Sometimes we have the simpler jobs to attend to. We can plumb in any type of appliance such as Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Outside Taps & Amercian Fridge Freezers.

Maybe you have decided to invest in a dishwasher but there is currently no water or waste pipe you can easily plumb into. We will come out, free of charge to discuss best possible routes to run both water and waste pipes to and from your appliance.

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