A Replacement Triton Bar Shower in Stourbridge

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A Replacement Triton Bar Shower in Stourbridge

28th December 2017 Bathrooms Refurbs Plumbing 0

This job was install a replacement bar shower in Stourbridge in place of an old concealed Mira 915B thermostatic shower which had finally come to it’s end. The cartridges had started to seize and the thermostatic cartridge constantly running the water hot. The couple had arthritis and were finding it very difficult to use the shower so it was time to go. Mind you, the shower had been in around 25 years so it didn’t owe anything at all!

The Process

In replacement of the old Mira 915b I was to install a new Triton Benito bar shower. This included removing the necessary tiles around the concealed Mira to allow me to remove the old valve and alter hot and cold pipework. This took only 4 tiles which gave me enough room to work. Once the pipework had been altered to suit the new bar shower, the customer had some of the same colour tiles stored in his garage which I used to patch the area. I returned the following morning to grout the tiles and fit the new Triton Benito bar shower.

In short:

  • Remove surrounding tiles to gain access to concealed shower valve. Total remove was 4.
  • Isolate and adjust pipework in copper to new bar shower centres.
  • Make live and test pipework.
  • Re-tile the area where tiles had been removed. Luckily the customer had spare tiles of the same colour.
  • Grout the newly tiled area.
  • Seal and fix the bar shower using a wall mount fixing kit found here.
  • Fit new shower rail, hose and shower head.

Issues Pointed Out

During the process of this shower replacement in Stourbridge, a few bad practices were spotted on the system but as it always worked before (customers words, not mine) they simply wanted the shower doing. Bad practices such as ballofixes used to isolate the shower feeds. All is well generally however I prefer level valves. Not to mention this was still a tank fed system so using standard ballofix isolation valves restrict the flow of water going to the shower marginaly. Which leads to the second bad practice of that the cold feed to the shower had been T’d off the cold feed from tank into cylinder instead of a separate connection from the tank lower than that to the cylinder (to prevent scalding). This was always done so that had the tank run out, the cold feed to the shower is below the hot so the last water to come to the shower is, you got it, cold water. Albeit, as mentioned the customer was happy to leave these as they were as they weren’t splashing the extra cash to drain down the tank and cylinder etc only 5 days before Christmas!

This job was fitted in just 4 days before Christmas to ensure the couple (who had family coming over) could shower again!