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Western Road, Hagley

28th September 2018 Plumbing 0

Shower replacement in Western Road, Hagley.

Something I have been meaning to do is keep customers up to date with not only full bathroom refurbs but the jobs we get to do in between. It’s not always about full heating installs, combi swaps and full bathroom refurbs. We do get the odd jobs in between, what we like to call our bread and butter jobs.

A couple who had recently moved into a house in Hagley, were pining for a shower. That’s not to mean they hadn’t washed since moving in, they had a bath. But nothing beats a quick shower. Does it? Especially when you’re in a rush to the pub!

This particular shower fix didn’t have to be anything special, it was an interim fix until the time is right for a new bathroom. Unfortunately, the tiles were obsolete, as you can imagine.

The hot and cold pipework to the shower were found in the loft and valved off, allowing the rest of the house hot and cold water to remain on during the day as normal. This is a must if you want to be supplied with plenty of tea!

I always like to remove grout from tiles to ensure no tiles are unnecessarily damaged, apart from those I am removing. Starting with those directly around the shower and removing move higher or lower as you go depending on where the pipework comes from (in this case, above).


Also in this instance, the tiles were tiled on top of existing tiles so they were also removed to gain access to pipework. Once the tiles are off, it gives a good understanding and idea of the best cause of action on how to alter hot and cold pipework. Here I removed the original compress 1/2″ female iron to 15mm compression elbows and soldered 2 new pieces of pipe; leaving enough pipework for the shower fixing kit.

I always put isolation valves on the end of the pipework for two reasons:

  • can be easily cut around when tiling.
  • good practice to turn the water on at this point to test all joints and flush pipework out.


The new pipework is then tiled around. As above, we had no chance of getting the same tiles so something that didn’t stick out like a sore thumb was used.


Although using rapidset tile adhesive that tends to go off in a matter of 30 minutes I prefer to give these sufficient time to dry. Jobs like these can be completed in a day if need be, however there is no need to rush these things. The above works are usually done on a morning and then the remaining work (grout and fix new shower valve) are completely the following day, an hour or so in the morning again.

Hagley shower fix

Shower installed is a Triton Benito and can be found here: https://www.screwfix.com/p/triton-benito-rear-fed-exposed-chrome-thermostatic-mixer-shower/9164t.

Approximate budget for a job like this: £300-400. Supply & fit.