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An old floor standing, Glowworm Hideaway came out of this property which was located in the kitchen. Due to kitchen plans to make the space larger, the boiler had to be moved to the airing cupboard (logical place) along with a new gas run and new flow & return pipework. 

The gas was run in 28mm so far and remaning in 22mm to allow sufficient gas pressures at the boiler, when all other appliances (range cooker) running too. 

We take great pride in straight, shiny pipes. Many may say "as long as it works, it doesn't matter what it looks like as its in a cupboard", but to us, it does matter. Neat pipework actually makes quite a large impact on customers, and gives them confidence in a bigger picture. If you take such pride in pipework, you take it in all aspects, including looking after property and so forth.

Over 35 years we have built a reputation to customers that allow them to trust us and our judgement around their homes and become not just a plumber, but a friend too!

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