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Disabled showers & Mobility wet rooms!

Those struggling with mobility in the UK is sharply on the rise, and what seems like a simple task to many – getting washed in the morning/evening – can cause real issues for disabled people and the elderly. Installing a wet room, however, can help alleviate some of the stresses involved with maintaining personal hygiene on a daily basis.

There are a whole load of options available when adapting your bathroom into a wet room. Adapting does not mean it will be of disadvantage to those others living in the property though. Such as shower riser rails that double up as a grab rail and therefore may not need an additional grab rail in the showering area.


The benefits

For those with mobility issues, the biggest benefit to having a wet room installed is that it increases the safety of getting washed. While climbing into the bath or shower isn’t a huge problem for some, lifting your legs off the floor when you’re facing mobility difficulties can increase the chances of you slipping and having a fall. When a level access wet room is in place, as opposed to a conventional bathtub or shower, the elderly and disabled can retain some of their independence, alleviating the need to bring in outside help. With a wet room, a wheelchair can easily be wheeled in, removing the need to stand in the shower or climb into a bath.


What kind of wet room is best?

When it comes to installing a wet room, it’s important to install the appropriate fixtures and fittings. Here we install wet rooms with AKW Tuff Form which can withstand up to 60 stone – allowing a wheelchair user and a carer to be on the former if this is required. AKW Tuff Form creates a level access solution for your wet room which makes it easier to wheel into the shower without any need to climb in and out or step up and down, minimising the risk of slips and falls. AKW Tuff Form is made from GRP and is reinforced with aluminium.

A wet room isn’t all about the former or the shower itself, however; it’s also important to choose appropriate grab rails to aid in mobility and help prevent any slips. You may also wish to consider a showering stool so that you can sit down in the shower if necessary.

When showering, a real bugbear of many can be having to constantly adjust the temperature of the water. You may want to think about installing a thermostatic care shower which will keep the water at a consistent temperature and provide you with additional reassurance that you are safe when showering.


What is a comfort height toilet & why is it necessary in a mobility wet room? 

Well, a comfort height pan is designed to be higher than your average toilet. For example, a standard pan is roughly 380-420mm from ground level. Your average wheelchair is roughly 500mm from the floor, and so is your comfort height toilet. This makes it much easier for the user to slide between wheelchair and toilet without the need to lift themselves back up into the wheelchair from a standard height toilet.


DMBC Disabled facilities grant.

Taken from http://www.dudley.gov.uk/resident/care-health/dudley-social-services/support-to-stay-at-home/disabled-facilities-grant/.

Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) are available following an assessment and recommendation by an Occupational Therapist.  DFGs are normally the means by which adaptations in privately owned property are funded (the housing department funds adaptations in council owned property).

The first step is to contact the Occupational Therapy Section, Brierley Hill Health and Social Care Centre, Venture Way, Brierley Hill, DY5 1RU, Tel: 0300 555 0055. The Occupational Therapist will explain the assessment process and what could happen following this.

DFGs are administered by the Council’s Private Sector Housing Department and carry a mandatory financial assessment but 100% grants are available up to a maximum of £30,000 where applicable.  Help is available throughout the process of obtaining plans, planning permission, quotes etc, but work cannot start before the grant is approved.


Why us?

We have been in business in heating and plumbing since 1985, giving us the knowledge and expertise to assist you with planning and installing a wet room that will suit your individual needs as well as the needs and capabilities of your property. We will work in partnership with you to design a wet room that will assist you in your day to day life and we have the necessary knowledge and skills to do all of the fitting for you, with mobility wet rooms being our speciality.

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