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Gas Boiler Servicing

A boiler service doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Our boiler services are as little as £60! An annual boiler service is essential to maintain your central heating system allowing us to check everything is running smoothly and that it is still safe to use.

With over 20 million gas boilers currently installed in the UK, regular servicing is paramount. All boiler manufacturers now specify that their warranty is subject to annual servicing. 

It's much more than a tick box and signature exercise!

We remind our customers 3 weeks prior to the annual service date giving you plenty of time to book it in to suit you. If for any reason you would not like to be reminded, you are given this option also; please let us know. If it's a boiler we fitted, we hold the annual service date as a reminder in our calendar. If it was originally fitted by someone else, we will take the date from yourselves and stick to that date moving forward.

Any boilers we may have fitted in the months October to January. We generally bring the annual service date forward to the summer, and keep that as the date moving forward. If this is the case, the 1st service is free. The reason we do this is to ensure, further down the line that your boiler is serviced and ready for the winter months. 

General Service Procedure 26:9:

  • Check flue condition and termination
  • Flue Gas Analyser checks for combustion ratio
  • Check correct operation of safety devices
  • Check gas pressures and/or heat input 

However, this is not exhaustive and we generally ask for the Manufacturers Instructions as certain models vary in this procedure.

Service Tiers:

We are now offering different levels of boiler services to cater for new and old boilers alike.  

£60 Boiler Service. 

- This is a standard boiler service. We only recommend this service for boilers under the age of 5 years. This includes the necessary safety checks as listed above (26:9), plus a combustion analyses, cleaning condesate trap, central heating filters and checking the expansion vessel.

If during this service, the combustion analyser readings are not within manufacturers guidelines, further action is required. We will always ask for the manufacturers instructions to gain these figures / readings. 

£89 Boiler Service

- For boilers older than 5 years, we recommend a full strip down service. This includes necessary 26:9 checks and those detailed in the £60 boiler service. Further to this, we will remove the burner to clean and inspect the main heat exchanger. Oil fans that may require attention. Where necessary and following manufacturers instructions, seals / gaskets and electrodes may require changing. These come at an additional cost. £89 + PARTS.

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